Getting Married?

Want your special dance to be memorable?

Want your dance to show off your gown?

We can help you with all of these. Bring your special song to us and let us put together a memorable dance for you and your partner. We will also teach you some other dances that can be used at your wedding.

You may want to include your wedding party for the general dances so they can enjoy the fun. No experience necessary.

Call Stephen 0417 875 196 after 6:00pm to discuss what you require and what we can put together for you.


Planning for your big day takes time especially with the reception and other details. Many people forget about that special dance done on the day and struggle through the Bridal Dance.

Our advice to you is get it right, do it right, give it class and have some fun.

This is where we can help you.

Bring your special song to us and let us put together a memorable dance just for you.

One of our experienced teachers will choreograph a dance to your special song that will be the highlight of your reception. The dance will be as simple or as challenging as you like but will always take into consideration your ability. We will start of slow so you can grasp the dance and then add styling to ensure you look your best.

We can also cater for the wedding party, teaching them dances that can be used on the night. You will be surprised at what dances can be done to many of the modern day songs

Don’t leave your dancing to the last minute – Let us show you how to dance.